Thursday, April 11, 2013


The Un-Discussed Side of Homosexuality?


                Homosexual acceptance has been a hot-button, get-everyone-angry issue for awhile now.  There is a powerful network of money and influence that is pushing our nation to accept homosexual relationships as just like heterosexual ones.  It is a civil rights issue, we are told.  And, as TIME magazine and other outlets have reported recently, polls now show that over 50% of Americans say homosexual marriage should be allowed. 

              My first reaction to the polls?  I’m surprised the support for gay marriage is not even higher.  Why?  Because this has not really been a debate or fair conversation in our national media – it has been a one-sided campaign in favor of gay marriage.  Shout anything at someone long enough, without letting another side be heard, and of course people will accept it.  If we are not allowed to hear an idea fairly disputed, we will come to believe there must not be a legitimate dispute with it. 

I don’t know about you, but I personally have not heard honest, fair discussions in the national media about the issue of homosexuality.  I have heard demonizing of Christians.  I have heard claims that the issue is about whether someone is allowed to love someone else (apparently forgetting that homosexuality is legal in our country; no one is being chained in basements and not being allowed to love or live with who they want to live with).  I have heard horror stories of gay individuals who lost a homosexual partner to death and they didn’t get the money they thought they should have gotten because they weren’t legally married.  I have seen countless television shows and movies make it appear that gay couples are just as healthy a lifestyle as everyone else.  I have heard media members shout collectively in disgust if any public figure says anything negative about homosexuality. 

What I haven’t heard in our media is real, dig for the truth investigations into the other side of the issue.  And among the issues I would personally love to hear discussed fairly is the health side of homosexual relationships, because just a short internet search finds all sorts of studies that suggest homosexuality is not a healthy lifestyle in multiple ways.  Why does no one know this unless they go digging for it?